Liens Afrique

  • AOAA
    The principal objectives of WAAA are the promotion of the West African archaeological study, to reinforce it with a multi-field approach of the West African natural and cultural inheritance. It plans to contribute to the reinforcement of the professional network of the archaeologists in West Africa in connection with the African and international scientific community. In addition, it assigns the mission of diffusion of knowledge and the results of the investigations within the West African public then stimulating a general sensitizing on the subject. Lastly, WAAA gives a detailed attention to the training of the young researchers. The organization encourages for this purpose, the co-operation and collaboration between universities and West African organizations of research and training in archaeology and related disciplines in order to reinforce their capacity.
  • SAfA : Rice University
    The Society of Africanist Archaeologists is an organization of archaeologists, researchers from associated disciplines and others who share an interest in African archaeology and African societies. Our membership is international, with participation from Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia, and is actively involved in research in many African countries. SAfA is an affiliated organization of the Society for American Archaeology and the African Studies Association.
  • Antiquités africaines
    « Créée en 1966 à Aix-en-Provence par le CNRS, Antiquités africaines a pour cadre scientifique la publication d’études historiques et archéologiques sur l’Afrique du Nord, de la Préhistoire à la conquête arabe. La géographie historique côtoie les faits généraux de civilisation, l’organisation administrative et militaire, l’économie, la vie sociale, l’histoire religieuse, etc., thèmes abordés tant à partir des sources littéraires que des témoignages archéologiques (céramique, épigraphie, onomastique, mosaïques, peinture, sculpture, numismatique, architecture, urbanisme…). »